REMO® Introduces POWERSTROKE®3 BLACK DOT Bass Drumhead

REMO® Introduces POWERSTROKE®3 BLACK DOT Bass Drumhead

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Valencia, CA––Remo is now applying a Black Dot to its bestselling line of Powerstroke® 3 Series bass drumheads. Offered in Clear, Coated, and Smooth White®, Powerstroke® 3 Black Dot drumheads provide deeper low tones for bass drums with a focused attack and durability. Inspired by legendary drummer Steve Smith, the P3 Black Dot allows for a more focused lower note fundamental on all bass drum sizes and shell types.

Vinnie Colaiuta, John Tempesta, Eric Hernandez, and Alex Rudinger, among other Remo artists have found their sound with the new Powerstroke 3 Black Dot bass heads. Steve Smith says, “With the Clear Powerstroke 3 with Black Dot I get the fat low-end associated with the Powerstroke 3 head plus more attack, projection and durability.  My favorite is the Coated Powerstroeke 3 with Black Dot.  The Coated head has even more low-end than the Clear head and the Black Dot gives me clarity of attack and added durability.”

The Powerstroke® 3 Black Dot bass drumheads feature 1 ply of 10-mil film with a 10-mil inlay ring and 5-mil dot. Available in sizes 14” to 32” and ideal for drum set and marching applications.       
Size            Clear                Coated        Smooth White®
Drum set application
18”            P3-1318-10            P3-1118-10
20”            P3-1320-10            P3-1120-10
22”            P3-1322-10            P3-1122-10
24”            P3-1324-10            P3-1124-10
26”            P3-1326-10            P3-1126-10
Marching application
14”            P3-1314-10-MP                    P3-1214-10-MP
16”            P3-1316-10-MP                    P3-1216-10-MP
18”            P3-1318-10-MP                    P3-1218-10-MP
20”            P3-1320-10-MP                    P3-1220-10-MP
22”            P3-1322-10-MP                    P3-1222-10-MP
24”            P3-1324-10-MP                    P3-1224-10-MP
26”            P3-1326-10-MP                    P3-1226-10-MP
28”            P3-1328-10-MP                    P3-1228-10-MP
30”            P3-1330-10-MP                    P3-1230-10-MP
32”            P3-1332-10-MP                    P3-1232-10-MP


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